Page 62 Mask - 07-18-2018

Page 62 Mask - 07-21-2018

Page 62 Mask - 07-30-2018

Page 62 Mask - 08-05-2018

Page 63 Mask - 08-05-2018

Page 63 Mask - 08-07-2018

These are mask made by Heidi or Manimal please link back if you used one!

PSP Mask can be used with Filter Forge, Paint Shop Pro 9+ Versions, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements.

They are in all size's but are all in JPG format.

If you have any questions please email @ forteheidi@gmail.com

These mask can be used in projects just they cannot be added to another collection or Cd,
nor can they be used on any site that recognizes financial gain.
Thank you, Heidi & Manimal